Miss Whiteley Taken Over

Following on from Friday, Miss Whiteley has been taken over not once but twice this week!

On Monday Kamilla, Aliza and Sehansa were Miss Whiteley for the afternoon….



Reading a story to Year 1 Children






Scanning books




Then this afternoon Miss Whiteley was taken over again by Eve and Larna.


Reading a story to Nursery and then sharing books








Reading Mog the Forgetful Cat to a Reception Class



Filing books                            Leading on a Year 2 Book Group







Sainsburys Takeover

This morning five children, Nyiema, Niah, Oscar, Lubaya and Cole took Sainsburys over as part of Takeover Day. They learnt what it was like to work on the general department, work in the bakery packing bread, merchandising and working in the cream room and to work on the checkouts.

The children were also taken on a tour ‘behind the scenes’ by Deputy Store Manager, Chris Palmer.

Stocking the Shelves






Learning how to operate the till and serving customers for real!






Working in the Bakery

















The new Security Guards & the  with Chris the Deputy Manager







School Taken Over

Today was Takeover Day. Thirty Three members of staff were taken over including Mrs Stott.

The children involved discovered a little about what it was like to make important decisions about building work, to teach a class and to lead the Art/literacy Celebration.



Working in Nursery






Taking Mrs Burrows Over






Teaching in Year 2


Working in Main Reception

Takeover Day

Takeover Challenge logoTakeover Day is almost here!

If you are in KS2 and would like to be involved this year look out for the posters and collect an application form from your class teacher or from Miss Whiteley.

If you haven’t taken part before why not do so this year?

You can apply to  take over anyone in school and if you are in Year 5 or in Year 6 you can also apply to take Sainsburys over too!

For more information speak to Miss Whiteley.

Remember the deadline for all applications is MONDAY 12th November.

Interviews will take place w/c 12th November – look out for the shortlist which will be displayed in the KS2 block.



Today School Council had the very important job of being part of the interview process for the Reception Teacher vacancy.

The Representatives listened to each candidates presentation entitled ‘My Hero’ asked them questions relating to the presentation and then asked lots of taxing searching questions.