School Council Meeting 18/09/13

Our first meeting of 2013 was an opportunity for everyone to meet each other, for Mrs Whiteley and Miss Nicholson to introduce what the School Council does and for everyone to ask any questions.

School Council Representatives (Sept 2013- Jul 2014)

Year 1 (AM) Sophie Clark & Kai Crawford
Year 1 (DF) Helen Nishat & Cole Birch
Year 2 (MS) Michelle Ogunsina & Kye Bucknell
Year 2 (SB) Kacy Goldup & Dominic Phillimore
Year 3 (CC) Maddie Robinson & Zedekiah James
Year 3/4 (MC) Charlotte Clark & Cameron Standen
Year 4 (CN) Jaya Frederick & Anmol Jaswal
Year 5 (JC) Caidy Birch & Imogen Clarke
Year 5 (JJ) Rachel Man & Toby Shonubi
Year 6 (MJ) Dea Morina & Alex Smith

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