Meeting Minutes – 2nd December

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This afternoon School Council met to talk about Helping Hands which is made up of several teams each with a particular focus.

The teams are:

The Fundraising Team – Responsible for planning and organising fundraising events for                                             the four charities that the houses are supporting this year.

The Buddy Team –         This team will be made up of children who will look after                                                         children new to the school helping them settle in, to look out and                                           care for children who are sad or upset.

The Publicity Team –      A group of children who are responsible for producing a termly                                              school newspaper, reporting on school events and school life in                                            general.

The Green Team –       This team will be responsible for ensuring that school is recycling,                                        spot checks that lights are being turned off when a room is not in                                          use, encouraging children to pick up their litter and use bins, litter                                          picking and giving fines.

To read the minutes please click on the link below:

Minutes 02.12.15

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