The New Reps

Thank you to everyone that applied to be part of this year’s School Council. Unfortunately not everyone could be shortlisted and be included in the blind votes in class.

Congratulations to the children below who are this year’s School Council Representatives:

Aiden – Year 1 CC

Shi Ying – Year 1 EC

Patrick  – Year 1 DC

Leesha – Year 2 MS

John – Year 2 HS

Davina – Year 3 ES

Hafsa – Year 3 LH

Michael – Year 3 RK

Areena – Year 4 SB

Charlie – Year 4 SB

Lubaya – Year 4 DM

Olaseni – Year 4 DM

Lilanna – Year 5 LM

Adwaya – Year 5 LM

Tia – Year 5 RA

J’maarni – Year 5 RA

Savanna – Year 6 MJ

Alex – Year 6 MJ

Keira – Year 6 SK

Umaad – Year 6 SK

Some of the older children will not only be their class representative but also have additional responsibilities such as chair, vice- chair, secretary, treasurer, Early Years Representative (EYFS) and Parent/Governor Representatives.

The School Council’s first meeting will take place on Wednesday 27th September at 2.30pm.



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