Takeover Day Challenge

This year’s Takeover Challenge will take place on Friday 17th November.

It is a day when you (the children of Allerton C of E Primary School) have the opportunity to takeover the jobs of Mrs Stott, Miss Linsley, Mrs Willis, Teachers, Teaching assistants and even me, Miss Whiteley!

There will also be some jobs that you can apply for at MAECare (Moor Allerton Elderly Care), at Sainsburys and at The Little Gym.

If you are in KS2 and you fancy being Mrs Stott for the day or working on a checkout at Sainsburys or one of the many other jobs you will need to complete an application form.

If you are shortlisted then you will be invited to attend an interview and may even be offered a job!

Ask Miss Whiteley for an application form.

The closing date for all applications is FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER.

Good Luck!


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