School Council Representatives Wanted!

This week Miss Whiteley will be visiting classes in KS2 to talk about School Council and how to apply to be a representative for your class.

There will be representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 (children in Year 5 & 6 will also be representatives for children in Nursery and Reception) that make up School Council and representing your class is a really important so that their ideas and opinions can be heard.

If you are interested in becoming a representative you will need to complete a form telling Miss Whiteley why you would make a good representative and if you were on School Council would changes would you like to make in school.

The deadline is FRIDAY 13th SEPTEMBER

Voting in classes will then take place and children in KS1 will also be able to put themselves forward and tell their class why they would be good at the job of class representative.

Good Luck!

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