Meeting Minutes – 2nd December

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This afternoon School Council met to talk about Helping Hands which is made up of several teams each with a particular focus.

The teams are:

The Fundraising Team – Responsible for planning and organising fundraising events for                                             the four charities that the houses are supporting this year.

The Buddy Team –         This team will be made up of children who will look after                                                         children new to the school helping them settle in, to look out and                                           care for children who are sad or upset.

The Publicity Team –      A group of children who are responsible for producing a termly                                              school newspaper, reporting on school events and school life in                                            general.

The Green Team –       This team will be responsible for ensuring that school is recycling,                                        spot checks that lights are being turned off when a room is not in                                          use, encouraging children to pick up their litter and use bins, litter                                          picking and giving fines.

To read the minutes please click on the link below:

Minutes 02.12.15

Meeting – 25th November

SC Display BoardThis afternoon the council representatives met to vote for the charities that have been nominated by the rest of the school that the ‘houses’ will support this year.

Sunningdale – Guide Dogs for the Blind

Wentworth – Candlelighters

Birkdale – Martin House Hospice

Turnberry – Faith Mount School, Kenya

Faith Mount School is a school located in Kilifi, Kenya that Mrs Standing’s brother has helped to set up and continues to work with and to raise funds for.


For more information please see attached minutes, click on the link below.

Minutes 25.11.15

Keep checking the blog for updates on how the four houses are planning to raise funds for their charities and when.

School and Public Library taken over in a single day!

Takeover_day_logoToday children took over lots of jobs in school from the Headteacher to teachers to main reception to the kitchen staff.

Also four children took over Moor Allerton Library for the morning.

The event was a great success and the children enjoyed finding out what it would be like doing the adult’s job that they had taken over.

For more photos see the school website in the news section.

DSCN1372 DSCN1379 DSCN1381 DSCN1401  DSCN1408

Meeting – 18th November

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This afternoon School Council met and gave a warm welcome to special visitor, new School Governor, John Sherbourne.

Miss Whiteley had invited John to attend as he will be school council’s link governor.

The council representatives had several items to discuss please see attached minutes below.

Minutes 18.11.15

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd December.

Takeover Day is almost here!


Takeover Day will be taking place on Friday.

In total 71 children will be participating this year with jobs being taken over not only in school but also at MAECare’s offices and their knitting group (Moor Allerton Elderly Care) and the librarians at Moor Allerton Library.

Everyone interviewed last week should have received a letter stating if they were successful or not and whose job they will be taking over for the morning/afternoon or day.

Please make sure that you attend the Takeover Day meeting at 12pm on Wednesday (meet in the library) and that you speak to the person that you are taking over no later than Thursday.

If you haven’t received a letter and were expecting one please see Miss Whiteley.


Next School Council Meeting Reminder

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The next School Council meeting will be on Wednesday 18th November at 2.30pm

If your class representative has not spoken to your class about which charities we (school) should support this year please remind them to do so as we will be discussing this at the meeting on Wednesday.

Also if there is anything that you would like raised/discussed on Wednesday please speak to your class representative.

A special visitor will be attending the meeting, our new school Governor, John Sherbourne. You may have already seen John in school as he helps Year 6 on Thursday afternoons so if you see him on Wednesday please do say hello.

Takeover Day Interviews


Thank you to everyone who has handed in their takeover application forms.

Please look out for the interview shortlist (the list of children who have interviews), these will be displayed on the goldfish bowl window in the KS2 block and on the door leading out of the Year 5/6 block.

Interviews will be taking place on Wednesday and Friday. Please keep checking for your time and do not miss your interview!

Everyone will find out if they have been successful by the end of Monday.


Next week is voting week


Next week (Monday 12th – Friday 16th October) is voting week.

Who will become the new School Council Representatives?

Think carefully and vote wisely!

Miss Whiteley or your class teacher will be issuing everyone in KS2 with a ballot paper. You will then listen to the selected manifestos for your year and will be ask to vote for one girl and one boy. Once you have voted post your ballot paper in the ballot box.

Miss Whiteley will count up all the votes at the end of the week and the School Council representatives will be announced week commencing 19th October.

KS1 will be running their own elections next week, nominating and voting by a show of hands. The year representatives will be announced at the same time as KS2’s.