Takeover Day

Takeover Day will be taking place on Friday 29th November!

Takeover Day is for children in KS2 and is a great way to experience and gain a valuable insight into what it is like to do a particular job. It is also great fun!

You can apply to takeover anyone in school from Mrs Stott, to teachers, to working on the front desk. In the past children have also had the opportunity to takeover several local organisations and hopefully this will happen again this year – watch this space! 

If you would like to apply to take part in this amazing day you will need to complete an application form which you can get get from Miss Whiteley.

Following the deadline date – Wednesday 23rd October, a shortlist will be published inviting those children to an interview and then if they are successful at this stage they will be offered a job. 


  1. Collect your application form from Miss Whiteley 
  2. Use your best handwriting and correct spellings – be sure to spell the people’s names correctly that you would like to takeover
  3. Hand in your completed form to Miss Whiteley no later than                  WEDNESDAY 23rd OCTOBER
  4. Good Luck!