Library Makeover

Exciting news, over the summer holidays the Library is going to have a makeover!

Miss Whiteley needs some help with thinking of some ideas of what the new Library should look like. Can you help?

Think about what sort of shelves, seating (could be beanbags, sofas, seating that is part of the bookcases), would you like tables and chairs, computers, what about the flooring? Also think about colour, what colours would you like? How about a theme such as Space or Under the Sea?

Your class School Council representatives will be talking to you about this so if you have any great ideas please tell them and they will let Miss Whiteley know.

Keep checking the Library blog for updates!

UKS2 Teacher Interviews

School Council representatives from Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to take part in the interview process this morning and once again proved to be fantastic ambassadors for the school.

The panel of councillors listened to five different presentations delivered by the candidates entitled ‘My Hero’ and asked some great questions such as:

‘Why would you like to work at this school?’

‘How many years teaching experience do you have and in which years?’

‘What is your spirit animal and why?’

They also provided some very thorough and valuable feedback too.

Assistant Head Interviews

Today, School Council representatives from Years 4, 5 and 6 were involved in the interview process looking to appoint two new Assistant Heads, one to lead on Maths and the other to lead on Reading.

Eight candidates had been shortlisted and competition for the posts was strong. The councillors had a very difficult job but took on the challenge and were amazing!

Each candidate delivered a presentation that they had prepared entitled ‘My Hero’. The presentations varied dramatically consisting of slides and videos to props and even one candidate making his entrance skating in his roller hockey boots!

The representatives asked the candidates some great questions ranging from

‘Do you have a pet?’


‘What leadership experience do you have?’


‘You already work in this school so what new ideas could you bring to the role?’

Library Makeover

The school library has been damaged by two floods recently and so we are going to be getting a new one.

Can you help with designing the new library?

What would you like it to look like?

Would you like it to have a theme such as underwater, space or woodland perhaps, or just certain colours used?

Your class representatives will be talking to you about this and asking for your help with any ideas. Please pass them to your class councillor. You might even like to draw your idea?

Can’t wait to hear all your ideas!

Forest Schools

KS2 Forest Rangers are about to embark upon a project, they are planning to build an area for children to use and enjoy similar to that pictured above. They need your help though as they cannot decide decide where the best place for it to be located and have come up with three possible locations.

  1. The flat grassed area next to the fort
  2. On the grass between the end of the trim trail and the new path/fence
  3. Near to either of the two grass mounds

Where do you think would be best? Your class School Council Representative will be talking to you about this but if they don’t please let them know where you would prefer.

Deputy Head Interviews

Today class representatives from Years 5 and 6 were involved in the interviewing process for the two Deputy Head posts.

The candidates delivered their ‘My Hero’ presentations to the council and the representatives had the opportunity to ask questions before giving their feedback to Miss Whiteley and Mrs Dyal.


This morning, Year 6 Class Representatives were involved in interviewing candidates (virtually) for a teacher position.

The prospective candidates delivered a presentation each on their hero and then the representatives had the opportunity to ask questions about their presentations and other others that they had prepared.

They did a great job and were very professional.

Class Representatives 2020-2021

Elections took place this week and representatives successfully elected for each class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Representatives for this year are:

Year 1: Joey Jnr, Jacob and Hasir

Year 2: Maryam and Oluwamurewa

Year 3: Eason, Benjamin and Ayesha

Year 4: Niamh, Reuben and Emily

Year 5: Haroon, Romessa, Lawand and Zara

Year 6: Jayden, Hasini, Jack, Helen, Annie and Alex


School Council Elections

This year the election process will be changing slightly as KS2 children will not be submitting a ‘blind’ manifesto for their peers to vote for. Instead any child regardless of if they are in KS1 or KS2 wishing to stand for election will need talk to their class about why they would make a good representative for their class and what changes/improvements they would like to implement in school if they could.