Fairtrade Ambassadors Appointed

We received lots and lots of applications from children wanting to be Fairtrade Ambassadors. After a lot of discussing our four new Fairtrade Ambassadors are Charlotte, Abigail, Daniel and Josiah.


Charlotte, Abigail, Daniel and Josiah will be closing working with School Council from now on and their first job will be helping to organise Fairtrade fortnight and to attend the Fairtrade Ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall on Friday 27th February.

The Fairtrade Ambassadors will be talking to School Council about Fairtrade Fortnight on Wednesday 11th March.

Meeting – 14th January


School Council met this afternoon to vote for the winning poster design/s that will be displayed around school to advertise for Fairtrade Ambassadors.

The winning posters were designed by Mya in Year 4 and Maisie in Year 2. Congratulations to them both.

School Council also discussed Fairtrade week and the donation that we had been given by St Johns Church.

Please attached minutes:   minutes 14.1.15

Peer Learning Toolkit – Garment Workers

Leeds DEC logo

DSCN0685This afternoon School Council took part in a workshop about garment workers led by Hannah from Leeds DEC.

Through various activities and case studies they learnt about in which countries most of their clothes and shoes are made in, tried being a factory worker making baseball caps and designed t-shirts.

School Council will be looking at running their own workshops with children in KS1 and KS2.