School Council Notice Board

Come and have a look at our School Council notice board which is located in the main corridor in key stage 1.

All the class representatives photographs are on here – can you spot your class representative?

Also the meeting minutes will also be displayed.

If you would like anything to be discussed by School Council please let your class representatives know and they can raise it at the next meeting.

Alwoodley Youth Summit

On Friday, 7 children from Years 4, 5, and 6 attended the Alwoodley Youth Summit hosted by Allerton High School.

Almost 70 children from local primary and secondary schools attended the summit where they learned about democracy and had the opportunity to ask Councillor Cohen lots of questions.

The children also played the shopping game deciding in order of preference which activities that they would like to take place in the area with their budget of £20,000 (this is the figure that Leeds City Council have available to spend on children’s events and activities in the Alwoodley area).

Lastly in groups they prepared and gave a presentation on an event or activity that they would like to spend the money on.

Following the summit the organisers will be discussing all the children’s ideas and will look at their preferences before deciding on how they will spend the money.


Meeting – 6th December

This afternoon, School Council talked about the forthcoming Festive Jumper Day (Monday 11th December) and also completed evaluation forms for Leeds City Council Health & Wellbeing Department following the Recycling Workshop that the councillors had recently attended.

It was also last meeting before the Christmas holidays so School Council decided to pose for a silly photo.

Next meeting Wednesday 10th January 2018.




More jobs taken over

The takeover challenge has continued this week with Mrs Clark, Miss Murphy and Mr Kay taken over on Monday, Miss Whiteley on Tuesday and Mrs Stott, Mrs Willis, Mrs Cattrell, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Walker who were all taken over today (Friday). Not to mention the Little Gym as well!

Over the past week 67 children have taken over jobs in school and 7 children have taken over jobs in local businesses/organisations.






Sainburys Taken Over by Children!

This morning four children, Malak, Kristel, Isaac and Oscar ‘took over’ Sainsburys as part of Takeover Day.

After a tour around the store with Chris, the Deputy Manager the children set to work on the checkouts, managing the self service checkouts, in charge of decorating the store and inputting orders for the Café and Bakery.

Karen, The Manager of the store heard what an amazing job that the children were doing so came to investigate and subsequently the children have been invited to come back when they are sixteen to apply for jobs!









Takeover Challenge at MAECare

This afternoon, Noven, Kacey and Sophie spent the afternoon at the MAECare (Moor Allerton Eldery Care) offices. After a tour of the building they set to work making cups of tea and coffee for the staff and preparing the activity room ready for the arrival of the Knitting Group members.

They met and greeted the members, made them drinks, took the register and completed a range of other tasks and even so still found the time to make some pom poms and eat chocolate biscuits!


Takeover Day Interviews

Thank you to everyone who applied for a job and to be part of Takeover Day.

This year 118 children applied and it was a very hard task over the weekend to create a shortlist. There were so many well presented applications but unfortunately not everyone can be interviewed for jobs.

The list of children that have been shortlisted is up in the KS2 block near the classrooms of Year 5. Please check for your name and the day that you will have your interview.

Good Luck!