Meeting Minutes – 30th January

This afternoon School Council had some special visitors. John, our Link Governor attended the meeting and four children, Olivia-Mae, Ahmed, Hast and Kareem from Reception came to the meeting to talk to the representatives about a problem.

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School Council Minutes 30.01.1

School Council learn about the littering problem

School Council learn about the littering problem







Posters asking children not to drop litter


The children talking to the council

Exciting News – We have our very own Free Little Library!

This morning our Free Little Library was installed with the assistance of four of the School Council, Niah, Edward, Kevin and Maddie.

Digging the hole and making sure that the post is the correct length





Putting in the waterproof seal around the door

Fixing the box to the stand

Can you guess the theme?











Putting on the roof




Now we just need to put on the door handle and catch








Filling up our new Free Little Library




It’s Finished!

What is a Free Little Library?

The purpose of a Free Little Library is to encourage and promote reading by providing the local community with access to books.

How do I use the Free Little Library?

The Free Little Library is a book exchange where people can borrow a book, take one or leave suitable books (in good condition) for others to enjoy.

When using it please ensure that you are supervising your child/ren.

Please look after our Free Little Library, after use make sure that the door is closed and if it is a windy day please make sure the catch is in place.

If you have any questions regarding the Free Little Library please contact Miss Whiteley.

Miss Whiteley Taken Over

Following on from Friday, Miss Whiteley has been taken over not once but twice this week!

On Monday Kamilla, Aliza and Sehansa were Miss Whiteley for the afternoon….



Reading a story to Year 1 Children






Scanning books




Then this afternoon Miss Whiteley was taken over again by Eve and Larna.


Reading a story to Nursery and then sharing books








Reading Mog the Forgetful Cat to a Reception Class



Filing books                            Leading on a Year 2 Book Group







Sainsburys Takeover

This morning five children, Nyiema, Niah, Oscar, Lubaya and Cole took Sainsburys over as part of Takeover Day. They learnt what it was like to work on the general department, work in the bakery packing bread, merchandising and working in the cream room and to work on the checkouts.

The children were also taken on a tour ‘behind the scenes’ by Deputy Store Manager, Chris Palmer.

Stocking the Shelves






Learning how to operate the till and serving customers for real!






Working in the Bakery

















The new Security Guards & the  with Chris the Deputy Manager