3 Form Entry Consultation Meeting

This morning members of School Council met with Tracy Waud, Planning Manager and her colleague Laura to talk about the proposal of school becoming 3 form entry.e children talked about some of the positives that they could think of such as more children to make friends with but also raised a lot of concerns about losing outdoor space, the hall not being big enough, more queues at lunchtime, wildlife habitats being destroyed, an increased amount of traffic and resources.

They also asked Tracy lots of questions such as Abdul asked “Do you have a building plan?”  Emily asked “Will the electricity bill go up?” and “Could we build ‘upstairs’?” to Toni’ asking “Will there be enough places at High School if we have more children?”




Clean Air Leeds

Following the success of last week’s Walk to School, we will be taking part in Clean Air Leeds. This is a competition is organised by Leeds City Council to encourage children (and adults) to use a more sustainable way of getting to and from school. Points will be given every day, if a child walks, scooters or cycles they are awarded more points than if travelling by car.

The competition runs from Monday 5th June until Thursday 15th June (Clean Air Leeds Day). On Friday 16th June, the three schools with the most points will be notified and the organisers will present the prizes.

School Council will be leading an assembly to explain how school will be taking part and asking if there is anything that w can do to help reduce pollution in Leeds. They will also be responsible for the collection and recording of points.

For more information please see your School Council class representative or Miss Whiteley.

New School Council Representatives

This week Year 1 – Year 6 have been voting for their new class representatives.

Years 1 -3 will have one representative per class and then years 4, 5 and 6 will have two per class as they will also have additional roles such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, EYFS (Reception & Nursery) Reps and Parent/Governor Reps.

The representatives for this year are:

Year 1: Lucy and Declan

Year 2: Aayah, Gerardas and Joshua

Year 3: Eloise and Liam

Year 4: Brooke, Isaac, Alexia and Yjesh

Year 5: Kacey, Stefan, Stella and Toby

Year 6: Toni, Deivid, Isobel and Abdul

Congratulations to them all and I look forward to our first meeting on Wednesday 21st September.


School Council Minutes – 29th June

DSCN1583This afternoon School Council met and discussed issues that are important to them and to their classes. Miss Whiteley also shared a trim trail update – exciting news.

Please see attached minutes to find out more.

Minutes 29.06.16
DSCN1923 DSCN1924  Above School Council Representatives discuss the issues that are important to them in their local area and what worries them that they see across the country as a whole.

If there is anything you would like school council to discuss at their next meeting, please tell your class representative.




This week some of the School Council have been busy interviewing candidates for
various positions.


The council members thoroughly enjoyed their time as interviewers and asked the candidates some very thorough and searching questions so much so Miss Whiteley was very pleased that she wasn’t being interviewed by them!